Wholesale Hair Extensions

Forever Hair Lengths Extensions is a hair extension wholesaler that specializes in hair extensions in Australia. We have helped many independent hairstylists, salon owners and online stores owners in the hair extension industry by sourcing premium quality hair extensions, educating and training, and giving professional feedback. We are proud to consider ourselves as expertise when comes to hair extensions. Our founder, Lisa has won many awards when comes to hair competition. If you are interested to learn more about how you can start or increase revenues, give us a call today.

 How we started ?

  • Our founder, Lisa started her hair journey in her hometown, China. Just like every teenage girl who love their hair, Lisa spends many hours styling her hair before attending school. She found herself braiding and helping her friends in finding the hairstyle that suits them during lunch break. It was no surprise when she reached 18, she enrolls herself in a hairdressing school. After graduation, she was hired as a hairstylist for local tv. From there, her career started to take off. She worked alongside many renowned local artists and won many competitions in her career. She then decided to start off her own business. When she look back on her career, she realized hair extensions are used widely in the Hollywood world but not among common people. So she spent her time researching and finding the different hair extension manufacturer that is able to meet the requirement in hair extensions quality. After many years of trial and error, the Forever Hair Lengths Extensions was born. We managed to supply many hair extensions to different salons in the continents including Australia, America, Canada, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, and New Zealand. Currently, Forever Hair Lengths Extensions is based in Australia with two salons in Melbourne. The store serves as a training ground for salon owners or hairstylists to learn more about our quality sourced hair extensions, aside from providing hair extension service to individual clients.


Premium Hair Extensions

Unlike other hair extension businesses, we are not selling our brand but the quality behind it. We encounter many of our clients coming into our salons with their online purchase of hair extensions. When our hairdresser inspects the hair extension, the quality definitely does not reflect on the price. So, we are here to provide the best hair extensions at wholesale prices to you. Forever Lengths Hair Extensions has been in the business for over 15 years and we have learnt about many reputable suppliers in the world for different hair extensions. All our hair extensions are Remy extensions which mean not only they are made out of human hair but they are collected from only 1 donor. Our Remy extensions are also carefully sourced, we ensure the cuticles are all intact and aligned in one direction before supplying to our clients.

  • Wholesale Hair Range

    We can find the right halo hair extension fitting by simply keeping the nylon halo over the crown section of your head. This can be done by leaving 20 inches from your front section and creating a halo line over your crown and tying a bun on the crown section. If you align the nylon thread of your halo extension on that cutting portion and then you can feel a nice fitting around the back portion of your head from where the bend of the neck begins. Then you can confirm that the size of nylon thread is the one you are wearing.


    Clip In Hair Extensions


    The best clip-in hair extensions in town are at Forever Lengths Hair Extensions. We have an extensive assortment of 15 colours and styles to keep your head full, including balayage or ombre shades as well as three highlighted colours that will give you a multi-tonal look! They are 100% Remy hair and are meant to withstand heat such as curl, straight, blow-dry. If it's well-taken care of, it can last up to 1 year easily.

    Weft Hair Extensions


    Experience soft, silky and tangle-free with our Remy European weft hair extensions today. Wefts are one of our popular choices among our clients as our wefts are able to produce more natural looks when applied. Our European weft extensions are divided 20 inches or 24 inches. Both come in a variety of colours including balayage. If you have a special request on colours, please include the inquiry in your submission form, our hairstylists are able to fulfil any shades you dream of when comes to hair extensions.


    Tape Hair Extensions


    Our tape hair extensions are divided into invisible tape or European, Russian and Invisible tape hair. Our wholesale price is set at a very competitive rate for a premium quality Remy hair is guaranteed to last up to 6 months easily if customers maintain it decently. We have an extensive palette of colours. If the colour you are after is not shown on the website, kindly send us your inquiry. Our team are able to satisfy any colour order.

Exclusive Wholesale Hair Extensions

Forever Lengths Hair Extensions have served many satisfied clients and their customers.  Our goal is to offer salons the best hair and affordable hair extensions, so you can increase your income and have an edge over other competitors. We are here to build a long term relationship with everyone that has purchased from us. Submit your interest today for a trade account, free quotation and what you can expect from our wholesale hair extensions packages today.


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