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Looking for a luscious and natural looking hair extension, weft installation may be the solution. Weave installations are an art form that can achieve many different looks depending on your desired effect or goal.

Today, our hairdresser from Forever Hair Lengths Extension is here to tell you everything you need to know about weft hair extensions from knowing if weft extension is right for you, the benefits of it, how to choose a good quality product from your options in-store or online against others that may come with them attached at odd angles; as well as some tips for maintenance before getting started!


The word weft itself represents a type of weaving technique that creates an image or pattern using both warp threads and filling yarns. When applies to hair extensions, it means weaving two rows of artificial or real human hair together with the original intact hairs.
The process of making weft hair extensions or machine weft itself only takes up a fraction of the time that it would take to sew an entire wig using only individual extension pieces. Hence this explains why it cost lesser to buy pieces of weft hair extensions. The difference between the two is how it is fitted onto the head. For example, it is difficult to find a wig colour that suits your skin tone and style. However, for weft hair extensions, you can actually custom made the colour to make it compatible with your existing hair colour.
In addition, the initial fitting process onto the original hair only takes 60 minutes on average. Although you can try to DIY yourselves through tutorials, however, if you are looking for the best result, we highly recommend professionals to install for you. The reason being that if the weft extension is styled and sewn on perfectly under the original hairs, it will result in natural looking hair.



    When comes to hair extensions, it takes many years of hands-on experience and training to have the skills. The first and most obvious step is picking the right shade of hair extensions. We have a range of different colours and our hairstylists are ready to customise the unique colour you want to match your original or dream hair.

    Once customers are satisfied with the chosen colour, we will start off by mapping out the head shape. Then, our hairdresser will start installing beads, clip ins, or rubber hair ties onto your hair which aims to create a waterfall effect. The skill of clamping those hair extension accessories onto your hair can be frustrating when you are doing it on your own hair. This is because you are dealing with small strains of hair numerous times. Also, while tying it together, our hair professionals make sure your hairs are 100% fitted on the beads or other accessories you have chosen. This is to ensure after 6 weeks it is easy to take it out and avoid your hair from outgrowing the beads.

    Once those steps have been established, our hairdresser will start the process of sew-in weft hair extensions.


    You can install weft extensions on your own hair, but it's not easy. It may also take three times the time to install compared to a professional. To get started, make sure you have invested in the right tools such as loop threading, combo and hook threading tool, right beads size and colour, and a pintail comb. There are many tutorials online, however, mastering them takes patience and lots of practice.

    We strongly have someone over to lend you a hand. Aside from that, one of the easier and faster hacks is using glue that is specialised for hair extensions. However, please be extra precautions when applying the glue as it may cause damage to the hair if applied wrongly or in the process of removing it.


  • Extension weaves are a great option if you want to wear your hair in extensions without the hassle of applying and removing them every day. The weave will stay put until it is time for removal, so there's no need to worry about going unnoticed while wearing the hair weft. It is also known as a permanent hair extensions solution as it can last more than 6 weeks.

  • Wefts are super quick to apply and take less than 90 mins. It all depends on the area you want to do. If you want to do a full head weft hair extension, it will take 90 mins and 60 mins for half of the head. When are you going to remove it, taking less than 5 minutes. It is an unbelievably quick and straightforward method to remove.

  • There are a few cons to weft hair extensions. For instance, if not washed properly and regularly it can get dirty or infected. Besides that, the hair is braided too tightly, it will cause damage to the hair due to the tension which can be avoided if done by a professional. It takes time to adjust for first-timers as some people reported that weft extensions give headaches.


People often use the terms weave and weft interchangeably, but alas they are not exactly the same thing. To recall, a weft is a loose or bulk hair that's been sewn together by a machine or hand, then trim into sections to fit someone’s head. In another word, they are pieces of hair extensions whereas weave means the technique used to sew that piece of weft extensions into the hair resulting in an increase in volume thickness on the natural hair. There are many methods to weave hair extensions, such as the beaded method, tape, clips glue, sewn-in and braided.


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At our salon and online store, we only supply Remy hair for all our hair extensions. The Remy Hair Extension is a premium quality product. This means that it's not only 100% real human hair but it is carefully collected from only one donor to transform into hair extension. Besides, it also gives you peace of mind knowing all strands come from one donor - never mixed or fake!


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