Tape Extensions Melbourne

Tape hair extensions are suitable for all hair types. This is one of the methods that are ideal for people with thin hair. Tape hair extensions as the name suggest are hair extensions that taped your hair into the scalp of your natural hair. These hair extensions come pre-taped on either side of your head and tape-ins are used to align to the extension of the hair root. To tape it successfully, a medical grade adhesive hot glue will be used to melt and stick the hair extensions tape onto the original hair.

Our team of hair extensions experts has years of expertise in the application of hair extensions. Every customer receives a consultation on hair extensions because we want to ensure that your hair looks excellent. Aside from that, we also offer the finest quality hair extensions in Melbourne without burning a hole in your pocket.

We know there are so many types of extensions methods and products. It can be overwhelming knowing which is the right one for you. So we have written down the benefits you can enjoy with tape hair extensions.

1.Super flat and smooth

They blend nicely with your hair by resting flat on your scalp. Their invisibility of the tape helps to ensure that no one sees that you have them, regardless of the style of your hair.

2.They can enhance the versatility of your hair.

Tape hair extensions might help you accomplish your desired hair goals if you want to try out a new style, such as long braids, sleek ponytails, long beachy waves, a full-body blowout, and more. Also, You may select from a variety of hues, including blonde, black, brown, pink, blue, and many more, to meet your styling demands.

3.They're simple to get rid of.

Tape extensions are just as simple to remove as they are to install. This is due to the fact that they are fastened to a section of your hair with high-quality double-sided tape. The removal method requires the application of a specialized bond remover solution. This also aids in the removal of any residue from your hair.

4.It's simple to apply and maintain.

Hair extensions that are taped in require minimal maintenance. They are quick and simple to repair, and they may be styled in a variety of ways. You can usually get away with brushing your hair once or twice a day if you have natural hair. You may need to brush your hair more regularly if you use tape in hair extensions.

5.Excellent Longevity

This type of hair extension may be washed with water on a regular basis without causing harm. Tape-in hair extensions are exceptionally long-lasting. Because they can endure high temperatures when you blow-dry them on a frequent basis without fear of the bonds melting.


As we can see hair extensions are taped in to hold together the strands thus when we use hair conditioners or other hair products we must be very careful for the tape to not come off. So, we recommend using special shampoos and conditioners that do not harm hair. Always avoid oily hair products as we want these extensions to stick onto the scalp with the help of glue for the next use. Styling can be done in any way as long as you are careful with the roots.

Aside from that, it is important to select high-quality tape hair extensions. It may seem like a no brainer that one must spend more money on quality items- but we truly encourage our customer to splurge more on tape hair extension because it is reusable and last longer than average if you maintain it well.

As passionate hairdressers and salon owners, we understand that hair is one of the most important features of beauty and style. That's why we take good care of sourcing high-quality tape hair extensions in Melbourne to ensure our customers are able to achieve their beautiful hair goals. All our hair extensions are 100% human hair and are Remy grade including tape hair extensions.


One of the tips for choosing the right hair is to ask yourself which is the most convenient method for you when comes to maintenance of the extensions. Clip-in hair extensions and tape-in hair extensions are incredibly tough to compare because they each have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Hair extensions that are taped in are ideal for all hair types. They're highly flexible, and they're especially ideal for thin or fine hair since the extensions lay flat for a natural look. But, if you have naturally oily hair, it might be as challenging to last long that it is expected to since the oils from your scalp can cause the tapes to slip.

Knowing your own hair type is the most crucial aspect of selecting hair extensions. It might be tempting to go for maximum volume with a heavy set of extensions if you have fine hair. You may also choose how thick you want your barnet to be based on your mood. This is also a long-term solution because you may maintain the tresses as long as you take care of them. It is a temporary solution that is cost-effective and does not need a lot of upkeep. So, we recommend that you write down your requirements first, and then compare these two fantastic virgin hair extensions before making your decision


    Our tape hair extensions consist of four packages with two different lengths. The length sizes are 20 inches and 24 inches. The colours are jet black, natural black, dark chocolate brown, dark brown, med brown, med blonde, light blonde, ash blonde, and brown mixed light brown.

    Also, our packages are a boost package with 20 pieces 50grms, a volume package with 40 pieces 100grams, a luxury package with 60 pieces 150grams, and a glamour package with 80 pieces 200grams. A full head 40-piece package of our Russian tape hair extensions adds length and volume to your hair. A 20-piece package of our Russian tape hair extensions is applied for increased thickness and depth. Each extension is 4cm-wide hairpieces that are applied to the hair by layering two pieces on top of each other.

    Furthermore, our invisible tapes extension are absolutely comfortable and lightweight. You can find the most comprehensive range of Melbourne hair extensions in our shop, that is we always have a set perfectly suited for you and your hair.


    At Forever Length Hair Extensions we operate differently from other eCommerce hair extension stores. We are truly here to this bring your hair game to the next level. All our products are carefully selected and sourced. If customers are unable to find the colour they are after, we can provide custom colouring to all hair extensions by our experienced hairdresser. So rest assured when you purchase hair extensions from our salon.

    Leaving you broken-hearted by your purchase decision will never happen. Hence we offer free online or walk-in consultations with our hair experts. Set a virtual appointment or walk into our hair extension Melbourne salon today. We offer free advice and consultations on which hair extensions are more suitable for different types of hair.


How long does it take to fit this extension?

Tape-in Extensions take approximately 40 minutes to almost 1 hour. After removing the extension using precautions and good tools if the extension is still in good condition you are most welcome to reuse them.

The time period for these extensions?

These extensions can be made temporary or permanent as required by you. These extensions approximately stay for 4 to 8 weeks before we reposition or remove them. These extensions need to be repositioned every two months as new hair grows. The time frame on how long it lats is basically on how you take care of it.

Can I swim with tape hair extensions?

It is recommended to restrict your exposure to saltwater and chlorine, especially if you are swimming. Before and after swimming, you should rinse your hair with cold water to prevent it from absorbing saltwater or chlorine. Additionally, you should always wash your extensions the night after swimming with an extension-safe cleaning shampoo and deep conditioning treatment mask.

What are the cons of tape in extensions?

They may be rather expensive. If you want your extensions to survive, you must maintain them on a daily basis.


24 Inch European Remy Tape 10pcs

20 Inch European Remy Tape 10pcs