Clip in Hair Extensions Melbourne


Clip in hair extensions is a temporary hair extension method where you can clip your extension onto your original hair according to your needs. It is the fastest way to add incredible volume and get the instant length to your hair. This type of hair extension is a perfect choice for those who do not have long and thick hair.

If you are looking for hair extensions, look no further. At Forever Hair Length Extensions, we are known to provide the finest quality of Remy human hair in Melbourne. We're committed to sourcing only the best quality from well-established hair brands without charging our customers a premium price tag.


    Remy human hair is considered to be the best human hair because it has the best cuticle running down the length of the hair strand. We've been in the hair extensions business for years, we believe and advocate the usage of Remy human hair instead of other forms of human hair or synthetic hair. Although they are both 100% human hair, the quality of hair extensions from both vary.

    The difference between Remy hair and human hair is the process of collection. Human hair is collected by taking enough fallen hair from the floor or comb and combining it together; resulting in a clip in hair extensions. Whereas, Remy hair extensions is collected from a single donor, by tying their natural hair into ponytails and cutting it off. This ensures that all cuticles are perfectly aligned when it is cut off.
    Unlike human hair, the quality of the donor's natural hair is important for Remy hair. This is why donors are given a higher reimbursement for selling their natural hair.


1.Instantly length and thickness

The biggest advantage of clip in hair extensions is to create stylish hair that gives you instant volume and length of your hair. Many of the women are facing the problem of losing hair at the same timeless growth of hair. It might even take years to grow as much as you desire. Whereas, if you have short or thin hair, this clip in hair is a good solution for your hair problem

2.More Comfortable

Clip-in hair extensions is a perfect alternative choice of comfortable hair extensions If you are not happy with your permanent weft or tape hair extensions. Usually, you will feel dramatically done to take on the day or night. But when you wear our extensions you won’t even feel like you are wearing another fitting on your hair that is it blends into your natural hair.


The custom-made clip in hair extensions ranges will last for you for a very long time, as it is made up of Remy human hair. Even if you use Straight Iron or Curling rods or other moisturizing hair products on the extension it will still have a rich quality after a good wash which will make it long-lasting.

4.Low maintenance

Clip in hair extensions can help you achieve your desired hair thickness and length within 5 minutes. You can attach the extensions with the help of our professional hairstylist. If you do not like to keep it permanently, you can remove it anytime. Also, maintenance is very simple as you just have to follow exactly what you do to your normal hair for healthy hair.No need to give extra care for our extensions

5.Safe and Natural

Maintaining your natural hair quality and safety are important things when you are wearing hair extensions. Clip in hair extension is responsible for the safety and quality of your natural hair. It does not require any sticking objects like glue or other chemical products thus making it always reliable.


    Our 20-inch clip-in hair consists of 9 colours, such as jet black, natural black, dark chocolate brown, dark brown, med brown, med blonde, light blonde, ash blonde, and brown mixed light brown. Also, it contains 1 piece 8.5-inch weft with 4 clips, 1 piece 7-inch weft with 3 clips, 1 piece 5.5-inch weft with 2 clips, and 2 pieces 1.5-inch weft with 1 clip.

    Forever Lengths Hair Extensions salon offers a range of comprehensive clip in hair extensions in Melbourne. Our pricing is unbeatable without compromising on quality, and we only supply 100% natural or Remy-grade human hairs from our suppliers across the country so you can rest assured that they're top-notch!


We are one of the few online extension salons that offer a variety of hair options while providing custom hair colour services upon enquiry. Not only do we have quality hair accessories and extensions, but we have also been providing quality hair services since 2006. We put a lot of emphasis on customer service, which means you can expect your package to arrive promptly and in tip-top shape! Have a chat with our friendly hair specialist today about any hair extensions concerns you may have.


Will people know that I'm wearing a clip in extensions?

If you do your hair extension properly, no one can not find it. The base of the weft is very thin and flat. The sturdy clip is placed between layers of your hair and it fastens your hair very tightly. So, you can be confident that no one will see it

Are clips in hair extensions worth it?

If you do your hair extension properly, no one can not find it. The base of the weft is very thin and flat. The sturdy clip is placed between layers of your hair and it fastens your hair very tightly. So, you can be confident that no one will see it

How do I choose the colour that’s best for me?

The best way to select your clip in hair extensions is to match up the colour with your real hair colour. Or you can schedule a free call with our hairstylist and we will recommend based on the hair goals you are after.

Can I cut my extensions if they are too long?

Definitely, you can cut them to your desired length to blend into your hairstyle. Our saloon also provides trimming services or you can also visit your trusted hairstylist in your area with our premium quality hair extensions

How long will my hair extensions last?

It depends on how you will take care of your extension hair. We only use the highest quality Remy hair. So, if you are caring for your hair properly, you can use it for more than one year. Also, if you are only using it for special occasions a set of extensions may last longer than one year.

What is the cost of a clip in hair?

We are one of the few hair extensions salons that are offering lower than market price with premium quality. Discover our wide range of colours below.


20 Inch European Remy Clip in Hair 7pc set

20 Inch European Remy Tape 10pcs